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Steve Halley, LSCSW, and Dorthy Stucky Halley, LMSW, founders of FPI, have been working in the domestic violence field for over 30 years, and in that time have developed an approach to perpetrator intervention work that is trauma responsive, uses a variety of intervention and therapeutic skills, responds to different motivations for violence, and creates transformational change. 

 Here are some of the key ideas:

  • Their River of Cruelty model acknowledges how peoples' experience of cruelty and trauma can play a central role in the choice to perpetrate abuse on others. 
  • Transformational change is possible when a person’s trauma history and its connection to their perpetration of violence can be explored in a safe space with skilled facilitation.
  • Effective facilitation in DFV intervention programs involves: leading by example and responsible use of vulnerability, facilitating dialogue that focuses on internal experience, emotional awareness and beliefs about self. 
  • Understanding the motives for perpetration of violence enhances risk assessment and effective safety planning in both victim/survivor advocacy and intervention with those using violence.
  • Combining cognitive-behavioral and trauma-focused evidence-based strategies offers a process for both accountability and healing.

They have taken their work into a number of different contexts and developed programs to suit the differing needs of several client populations: men, LGBTQIA, women, youth, in community, prison, probation and parole and other contexts.

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Calendar of Events

31 - May: A Trauma-Responsive Approach to Family Violence Intervention

In-Person in Wellington, NZ      9:00 am to 4:00 pm GMT+13       $79.95 USD

This 6-hour presentation will examine how cruelty is passed from person to person and generation to generation and how to intervene. Using an experiential approach, this workshop will explore the fundamentals of the Internal-focused dialogue, including working with feelings, connecting to the power of the “Golden Shadow Message” and understanding the power of Alice Millers “Enlightened Witness”. Participants will learn practical skills that can be applied immediately to their work with those who cause harm.


4-7 - June: The Art of Facilitation & The Affective Component

Location: Brisbane Quaker Meeting House, 10 Hampson Street, Kelvin Grove, Queensland, AUS    8:30 am to 5:00 pm

  • Level 1 The Art of Facilitation 4 & 5 June, 2024
  • Level 2 The Affective Component 6 & 7 June 2024

Both trainings are $325 USD. If you sign up for both trainings it is discounted to $600 USD.

The Art of Facilitation

"The Art of Facilitation" is an unforgettable learning experience for professionals who desire to be more effective at their craft. If you are involved in the field of domestic Violence, or if you facilitate groups as a part of your practice, this experience is designed for you. Offering an understanding of a trauma-focused approach to group work you will acquire skills that you will be able to implement immediately in your own program. 

In our proven, highly experiential format, you will gain specific skills and techniques you can implement immediately into your current programs. Skills taught in this advanced training include:

  • Leading by example in group work.
  • The Power of self-disclosure in group work.
  • The “River of Cruelty” intervention model.
  • Group work processes designed to increase introspection.
  • The “Shadow” process.
  • How to get to ownership quickly with resistant clients.
  • And much more!

“I just attended a two-day training on the Peace Initiative in Topeka, and I was stunned. In 35 years of working with men on partner abuse issues, I had never had such a profound and personally engaging training experience. Steve and his staff managed a transformative experience for 20 people, many of them already highly experienced, and the results and impact were uniformly enthusiastically positive.” - Fernando Mederos

The Affective Component

This Level 2 workshop builds on the tools introduced in the Art of Facilitation. This workshop teaches techniques and strategies that can be instantly applied to explore the adverse emotional world of group participants without ever providing an excuse for cruel behavior. In our proven, highly experiential format, you will gain specific skills and techniques you can implement immediately into your current programs. Skills taught in this advanced training include:

  • The impact of the Enlightened Witness
  • Expanding on the “Shadow” concept
  • How to guide participants down the emotional “funnel” • Working with adverse feelings
  • Psychological defenses: recognizing and getting past them • Addressing shame with participants
  • And much more!

* As the FPI approach is taught in a progressive manner through the 3 workshops, The Art of Facilitation is a pre-requisite for the Level 2 and level 3 trainings.

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12 - June: Cracking the Code: Understanding Difference Motives of those who Perpetrate Domestic & Family Violence

In-Person Hobart, Tasmania, AUS Location TBD    9:00 am to 4:00 pm    $69.95 USD

Painting all who batter with the same brush can be dangerous. Understanding the motive of those who batter can have a significant impact on safety planning, risk assessment, and on the intervention of those who use cruelty in relationships.

In this engaging six hour online presentation, Dorthy Stucky Halley, LMSW and Steve Halley, LSCSW will Crack the Code showing you how to apply motive to improve victim safety and offender accountability.