Resources for Victims/Survivors

If your partner or former partner is participating in the Family Peace Initiative BIP, there are some things we’d like you to know:

  • Expect contact from us. We WANT to talk with you and understand your perspective, situation, and relationship.
  • Our top priority is your safety. We will do everything we can to follow your direction on whether any information you provide us is shared with your partner. We can explain this further when we talk with you. We understand the need for your information to remain confidential for your protection. 
  • We want you to know what participants might learn in class. See BIP <link>. Participants will learn skills and tools to build healthy relationships. They do this by taking responsibility and accountability for the cruelty, violence, and abuse they have inflicted upon others, and healing from the cruelty they have experienced.

Further Resources: If you’re currently experiencing violence, abuse, or cruelty and need assistance, here are organizations throughout the state of Kansas who can help.