About Us

About Us

Steve Halley LSCSWSteve Halley, LSCSW
Director Family Peace Initiative

Halley Counseling Services, P.A

Steve M.S. Halley, LSCSWis the clinical director of Halley Counseling Services, P.A. Having received a bachelor degree in history and master degrees in both outdoor administration and social work, Steve focused his career on working with individuals and families.

For the past 25 years Steve has worked as a wilderness counselor, probation officer, and therapist. He has developed specialization in working with those who batter, and currently serves on the Kansas Governor's Domestic Violence Fatality Review Board. He is an avid golfer and songwriter.

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Mission Statement and Purpose

The Family Peace Initiative is dedicated to ending family violence through compassion, Integrity and expertise.  FPI is focused on treating every individual who walks through our doors with respect and dignity.  The process of changing behavior begins with a safe environment where self-exploration can occur. We are committed to creating this space for those we serve.

Does FPI Work?

The Family Peace Initiative is continually evaluating the effectiveness or our program.  We routinely provide a list of those who have compete the FPI program to look for rates of recidivism.  For the last 8 years, involving well over 200 individuals who have completed FPI, a recidivism rate of 21% has been independently established by the District Attorney’s office in Shawnee County, Kansas.  This percentage takes into account new arrests and new filings of PFA’s.  While the evidence seems clear that change can happen at the Family Peace Initiative, victims and partners should never build a false hope that because an abusive partner is in a batter intervention program, change will occur.

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