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The Battering Intervention Facilitator’s Tool Box

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Welcome to our blog. These posts share some of the many tried and true tools, skills, and techniques that the Family Peace Initiative has found to be valuable through the years. We hope that this Facilitator's Tool Box will become a resource for you in your own quest to be the best facilitator you can be. We will be adding new blog posts monthly. Enjoy!

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It is Weird to Not Feel

Kids are like Scientists: Digging into Pro-abuse Beliefs in the River of Cruelty

Addressing Pro-Abuse Beliefs

Motive of Those Who Batter in Your Group Room

Self-disclosure in Battering Intervention

Helping Those Who Batter to Feel Safe

The Check-in: Accountability from the Beginning


2 Myths about Trauma-focused Battering Intervention

Variations on the Control Log in Battering Intervention

One of thControl log blog pice best tools for helping people examine their cruel behavior in relationships is the Control Log.  In various forms the Control Log has been around for a long time.  I think it may have been used in the very first battering intervention class that I ever attended, approaching 30 years ago.  This tool is most often used within a group, examining one individual’s situation where they had used violence or cruelty. (Check out our video on Control Log uses here)

For those who are not familiar with the Control Log, it is in the form of a worksheet,  It has sections intended to look at a participant’s (1) Actions, (2) Intentions, (3) Beliefs,(4)  Minimization, denial, and blame, (5)  Impacts on themselves and their partner/kids, (6) What nonviolent choice could have been made.  The Family Peace Initiative added sections for surface feelings (the emotions that other people saw); Adverse Feelings (The emotions hiding beneath the surface feelings); and the Shadow Message (a core belief). 

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Domestic Violence Intervention and Tele-video Groups

Tight rope walkerOver the past month, the Family Peace Initiative underwent a huge transformation, switching all of our services to an online format. I will briefly share a bit of what has been learned as we jumped into the water, headfirst, believing we must do this to provide needed services and ultimately protect victims during this pandemic. With courts shutting down and many services shuttering, we knew we might be the ONLY service with an opportunity to keep contact with those who batter. Ultimately, we have arrived on the other side of a transformation that would have never occurred without the existence of the coronavirus. Here are some of our findings and general thoughts.  I hope you find them helpful.

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