Steve Halley, LSCSWSteve Halley, LSCSW

The Battering Intervention Facilitator’s Tool Box

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Welcome to our blog. These posts share some of the many tried and true tools, skills, and techniques that the Family Peace Initiative has found to be valuable through the years. We hope that this Facilitator's Tool Box will become a resource for you in your own quest to be the best facilitator you can be. We will be adding new blog posts monthly. Enjoy!

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3 Tools for Getting to Ownership in BIP

Wait "til She Bites You

Practicing Emotional Dysregulaton

Tips to Understanding Motive Among Those Who Batter

The Cover Story and Sacred Ground in Battering Intervention

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Is There a Hole in Your Fence?

Adding a Bottom Up Approach in BIP

The Beginnings of Transformational Change

Addressing Male Socialization in Battering Intervention

The Enlightened Witness and the Golden Shadow

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