Steve Halley

Steve M.S. Halley, LSCSW, is the Director of the Family Peace Initiative, a program of Halley Counseling Services, P.A. Steve has focused his career on working with individuals and families. He has developed specialization in working with those who batter and currently serves on the Kansas Governor's Domestic Violence Fatality Review Board.

Ending family violence with trauma-informed care:

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Family Peace Initiative Batterer Intervention Curriculum

Thu Oct 13 @ 8:00AM - 05:00PM

The Affective Component in BIP (Level 2) October

Our Level 2 workshop in the Family Peace Initiative Training Series. The Family Peace Initiative believes that a quality Batterers Intervention Program must incorporate an affective component into the general curriculum of a BIP. Emotional work can be powerful in helping hold a batterer accountable while creating a higher level of safety for a partner. Having the skills to help participants navigate their emotional world in a healthy manner is an important asset for facilitators. This two day, experiential training will explore the advanced skills of effective emotional work to increase the impact of your BIP program on those you serve.

**Completion of our Level 1, “The Art of Facilitation” is a prerequisite for registration in this training**

Thu Dec 01 @ 8:00AM - 05:00PM

Mastering the Family Peace Initiative (Level 3)

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Our Level 3 workshop in the Family Peace Initiative Training Series. This training will expand and add to the information learned in the first two workshops of this series, and will expand this knowledge into valuable skills that the participant can use immediately. Learn about the 5 Focus Areas in BIP and the many tools at your disposal to handle even the most difficult situations in class. In addition, facilitators will learn the art of staging a topic for maximum engagement.

All participants will receive "The Family Peace Initiative Tool Chest", our collection of the many tools available for use in a FPI class. Experiential as always, bringing people together who are completing the 3rd workshop in this series makes for an unforgettable two days of learning, practicing and connecting.

art of war videoClick to view an excerpt form "The Art of War" DVD

"The Art of War" DVD

Surviving a “Survival-Based” Batterer

The “Art of War” is an interview with Stephanie, a victim of a survival-based batterer. She tells of her experience, from falling in love to surviving the desperation and rage of a man who was unable to let go. This video depicts the painful reality of many victims of domestic violence. More »

"Voices from the River" DVD

Lessons from Those Who have Battered

Hear the voices of those who have battered as they describe the process of moving away from cruelty and moving toward non-violence. Completers of the Family Peace Initiative Batterer Intervention Program share multiple aspects of their change process. More »