Family Peace Initiative Facilitator Training Series

Hally and Tish presentingIf you are looking to hone your group facilitator craft, then the Family Peace Initiative Training Series has been designed for you. The skill of the facilitator is essential to a highly effective group process. This training series offers facilitators the opportunity to expand and acquire skills that have been called “game changers” by past participants.

Regardless of experience, this series will take your facilitation skills and your confidence to new heights.

This training includes 3 levels:

• Level 1: The Art of Facilitation

This is FPI’s most sought after workshop. While The Art of Facilitation is our foundational course, it is packed full of skills and ideas that can be immediately implemented by the beginning facilitators or the seasoned pro alike. Highly experiential - this workshop teaches the participant the value and risks of leading by example in group facilitation. Participants commonly share that they are impacted both professionally and personally by the skills and processes presented in this experience. This workshop has proven to be a valuable team building process for organizations as well as for individuals looking to improve their facilitation skills. Victim advocates, BIP facilitators, educators, alcohol and drug treatment providers are among the many professions that have benefited from the unique material presented.

In this intensive, experiential, two-day experience, participants will learn:

  • Leading by example in group work.
  • The Power of self-disclosure in group work.
  • The “River of Cruelty” intervention model.
  • Group work processes designed to increase introspection.
  • The “Shadow” process.
  • How to get to ownership quickly with resistant clients.
  • And much more!

* As the FPI approach is taught in a progressive manner through the 3 workshops, The Art of Facilitation is a pre-requisite for the Level 2 and level 3 trainings.

• Level 2: The Affective Component in BIP

Implementing an affective component into a group program can bring a new level of intensity and exploration.The Affective Component in BIP is anything but an “anger management” approach. Strategies that increase participant introspection and personal responsibility with an affective focus are explored and demonstrated here. In the highly experiential approach that the Family Peace Initiative has become known for, this training gives the facilitator more tools and strategies that can be instantly applied. Building on the tools introduced in the Art of Facilitation, this workshop teaches the techniques and strategies needed to need to explore the adverse emotional world of group participants without ever providing an excuse for cruel behavior.

In this two-day training experience, participants will learn:

  • The impact of the Enlightened Witness
  • Expanding on the “Shadow”
  • How to guide participants down the emotional “funnel”
  • Working with adverse feelings
  • Psychological defenses: recognizing and getting past them.
  • Addressing shame with participants.
  • And much more!

The Affective Component in BIP training enables the attendee to add a new dimension into their facilitation approach. With the Level 2 training completed, the Level 3 workshop, Mastering the Family Peace Initiative will pull everything together.

• Level 3: Mastering the Family Peace Initiative

Bringing everything together that has been learned in the Art of Facilitation and The Affective Component in BIP, this workshop is hands on with application. Designed for facilitators who intend to be part of an elite group of professionals, participants will practice the use of tools and processes that bring the group process to life. Attendees will receive the extensive Family Peace Initiative Tool Chest, which contains a growing list of tools and skills that, once mastered, will take facilitators to an entirely new level of competence. Our newest training, this has been described as, “the one that I have waited for”. Mastering the Family Peace Initiative has been designed for the facilitator who is striving to improve. While this training will not have all the answers, attendees will leave with a new set of competencies and a direction on how to continue improving.

Participants in this high energy opportunity will learn:

  • The five focus areas of BIP.
  • 5 tools for use in each of the five focus areas.
  • The power of storytelling in BIP.
  • Addressing Parenting in BIP classes.
  • The “River of Cruelty” expanded
  • Expert self-disclosure in group work
  • The Use of the “Conflict Tree” in managing challenging situations.
  • And much more!!

*All attendees in this training will receive a copy of the Family Peace Initiative Tool Chest. This is a 45 page and growing, book that details many tools, strategies and rationale for the Family Peace Initiative approach.

What our attendees are saying - training feedback...

"I just attended a two-day training on the Peace Initiative in Topeka, and I was stunned. In 35 years of working with men on partner abuse issues, I had never had such a profound and personally engaging training experience. Steve and his staff managed a transformative experience for 20 people, many of them already highly experienced, and the results and impact were uniformly enthusiastically positive."  Fernando Mederos

"It was the best training I have ever been to."
"One of the best trainings I have ever gone to. It was a real eye opener. Not only about the adventure I am about to start, but also about myself"
"Thank you for giving of yourself. I found this to be the BEST training I've ever been to."
"Enjoyed the energy level of presenters plus the knowledge they passed on to us."
"Great Training!"
"Thank you! This was absolutely stellar! I am amazed at how much we were able to cram in to just 2 days. There is so much from this training that I can take back and use now. You are both phenomenal presenters and so beautifully invested and passionate – it is contagious and I am grateful. Thank you!"
"This Training was fantastic!"
"Excellent training!"
"Always excellent energy level and being accepted the way we are."
"Loved it as I knew I would. It included new ways of looking at familiar topics".
"I am so deeply grateful to you all for the work you do, for showing these skills with us, and providing such an incredible space for us to learn and grow."
"Thank you for this amazing gift!"

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