Ethics and Confidentiality

Mandatory Reporting & other Ethical Challenges: considerations for Victim Advocates

Ethical Practice: Providing victim-centered services in a batterer intervention program.
This workshop goes beyond the “right and wrong” decision-making commonly covered in ethics workshops, and gives the advocate a hands-on framework for understanding ethical challenges as they relate to advocacy work. The professional will learn different model approaches to address ethical dilemmas and examine effective ways to apply ethical principles in a practical way to advocacy work. This is an interactive 3-hour ethics training.

Trauma Response: The Critical First Hours and Long-Term Implications:
Have you ever been working with a victim, and wondered, “Why do they do that?” This workshop creates understanding of how trauma affects the individual. It explores the impact of grief, trauma, and loss that victims commonly experience; including both the short-term and long term effects. Participants will understand the trauma stages and characteristics of each stage. Discussion regarding the coping mechanisms commonly used will assist the professional in making sense out of “abnormal” behavior that is commonly seen as “self-defeating”, exploring the implications for effective practice for both the criminal justice and advocacy response.

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